Day - Night
Black - White
Soft - Hard
Fluid - Solid
In motion - Still
Positive - Negative.

Opposites: Light and Shadow.
Reversible - Complimentary

Light and Shadow
Man and Woman

The Essence of and Complimentary to Photography.

To everything there is an opposite; all compliments the other.
To everything there are two parts; one cannot exist without the other.
Exploration of DUALITY.

Woman - The Essence of life.
Man - Complimentary to life.

The body of work combines the artistic expression of photography with the technical aspects of creating imagery. Displayed as diptychs, each art piece includes a combination of several of the underlying concepts of the theme: 
light - shadow, black - white, soft - hard (light, or motion), fluid - solid (motion), positive - negative (in photographic terms), reversible - complimentary.